I have been absent for a while so not as much progress as I had intended but other life matters have had to take priority (moving home)…

Yes it looks like the Cob will not be getting completed in this garage. the new garage is already underway and will be the home for the final stages of completion but I basically decided to concentrate on the house move and slow down the car build…. a little.

Not that I haven’t done anything – I now have the windscreen on – boy was that a task – changing it to black is no small task but it had to be done… Oh and you may notice I’ve fitted the headlights. unconventional I know but hey I like them. and the halo changes from daylight running halo to flashing amber when the indicator is on – ill post a video if anyone is interested. – I had a friend check them for legality with his MOT equipment and they passed, so should be good for IVA – just as well since the wiring of these headlights was rather more involved than I had anticipated (thanks here to my electrical genius friend Chris :)) and hence they would not have been an easy swap over if I needed to change to conventional lights for IVA. So now my rolling car is much more like a car, pleased to say the electric power steering makes it a delight to move around the workshop and on and off the ramp.

hopefully ill get some pictures of the new garage up soon (Cobs new home) – I’m presently debating weather or not to take my 4 post lift or have a new 2 post lift.

I prefer the 4 post for storage (and its obviously better for this type of car) but in general Ithink the two post option is far superior for working on…