About Me


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My name is Mark I’m a 54 year old Civil Engineer Living in the North of England on the coast. I have been passionate about motors all my life, Cars and Boats.
I’ve been fixing and building cars and boats since I can remember, Just as well since most of my expertise was born out of necessity, back then a weekend visit to the scrap yard for parts was a regular outing and a means of keeping our cars on the road so we could get to work with limited resources. My first restoration was a little blue MG, it ended up being a gift …. to the now Mrs T.  (well that worked out pretty well!)
Over the many years I have tinkered with many many cars (yet never been that interested in what tin top I happen to be using for every day duties). I’ve completed several restores over the years the latest being a 1964 merc pagoda which was meant to be Mrs T’s Sunday car (but alas she never uses it)

before and after