Suspension Front and Rear

Found the short Drive Shafts and Wishbones, these aren’t essential as I already have the standard ones but I really prefer the deep dish on the rear Wheels – Keith A has used these same shafts on his build and has recently acquired his wheels – they look just right.

On Cue received the Diff and hubs back just before the Easter break so that gives me plenty to go at Easter Weekend.

I have identified a small problem with the front wishbone bushes. I used Superflex bushes after and could not get them to close up properly. In the end I had to dismantle them and take a closer look. Turns out the internal crush bushes as supplied by superflex measured 37mm. This just wasn’t allowing the bushes to compress and i worked out 2mm needed to be turned off the internal bush length. Just to be certain Keith A sent me some close up pics and measurements of his set up and these confirmed the bushes need to be 35mm. I called Superflex and they were helpful but too slow. By the time they sent me revised bushes I have already turned the originals down to size and everything fits fine now…

Rear Axle put together on the Saturday and chose to lift it in since I already had the front end built up so it was getting a bit heavy to lift the chassis – seemed easier to lift the axle with the help of the engine lift and a jack to control the angle it went together superbly. Compliments to GD jig work as these bolts around the diff are pretty tied up little room for error when the weld the frame up.

On with Alignment rear toe front caster and camber etc.  4 degrees old skool or 3.9 degrees new skool…

Almost A rolling Chassis – just as well since I have the engine scheduled for delivery in a weeks time so now I have somewhere to put it.ISL_7943ISL_7945.JPG