Steering finished

Finalised power steering The picture above left shows the ecu for steering. this comes bolted to the column but has to be removed and fitted elsewhere. I have tucked it up above the pedal box on the outer footwell panel but this meant that the short loom back to the column torque sensor had to be extended. The picture on the right shows the speed control unit – this little box is connected to an independent speed sensor located at the diff UJ and effectively controls the maps for speed sensitive power steering assistance variation I will be able to fine tune this once the car is moving. As a side note I am also working with Dave at Canems to hopefully make this box redundant since a modification to the canems ecu allowing it to collect speed input data is eventually going to enable direct control of the power steering maps and the tremec reverse lock out solenoid.

Power Steering Column Fixed to Body

I have bolted the power steering column end to the body with a simple u clamp type arrangement this has a fairly substantial backing plate on the underside. The  blue tape is the position for my bonnet lock down keep brackets.

Finally fitted the ujs and shafts down to the steering rack and was able to power up the unit – very pleased the steering feels excellent very smooth and silent whilst in powered mode!




2 thoughts on “Steering finished

  1. Hiya Mark… looks good! I’ve fitted the EPAS to mine but much further into the dash so I have a huge hole in the bulkhead to fibreglass up 😦 . Have you got any photos & advice on the steering shafts (where did you get them) and also have you tried to wire the indicator & wiper switches yet?


    1. Hi David
      Not sure if I replied to you earlier on this but if not… I used shafts from GD but they are also available from Car builder solutions.
      I’ve wired the stalks now. I had to use the earlier stalks from a corsa B since the original Corsa C ones are canbus.
      The b stalks fit fine and work great.


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