Heater Box

Got round to installing the heater box into the battery compartment- its all a bit tight but I do like the way all the space is utilised – makes for a really tidy installation. Disassemble the heater box and added a few M6 rivnuts for easy assembly  I fixed a bit of neoprene foam to the face of the heater panel before bolting up. Installation is no easy project.

I have also found that the outlet pipes do not line up with the holes I predrilled in the inner wing using the marks left by GD… Benefit of hindsight here, I wish I had not drilled these particular holes until I had trial fit the box, small matter I guess the pipes are going to come through a slot rather than a hole. With trial and error I found it necessary to fit the little elbow rubber pipe to the heater box “before installation”(after slightly shortening one leg) since it proved impossible to get at the bottom jubilee clip if you put the box in first. I cut both flanges off the face of the box since they also hinder installation and are unnecessary once you fit the rivnuts in the face. Some people recommend taking the motor off before assembly this may have helped but I found it would just go in without it off – once its tightly in place there is only approx. 20mm of space between the motor and the forward bulkhead.

The picture on the left is taken with a torch looking up to show how tight the fit is, since when trying to install the box whilst fully assembled, the two air outlets protrude about 40mm on the opposite face so it is necessary to get these into alignment (ie in their respective holes) as you roll the heater box assembly in place – otherwise the suggestion of removing the motor first may be a better option.


2 thoughts on “Heater Box

  1. Mark,

    Can I get a couple of photos on the heater in situ’ please. Just fitted mine and do not have enough room for the heater to sit horizontally. I have to move things around so, at the moment, it’s below the heater box. Luckily the box facilitates this by having the extra outlet panel. Not finished this one as I have to look at battery sizes (i.e. height) then I have to have a good think. I might even make room by altering the bulkhead at the top. Not too intrusive on the GRP as I only need gain about 2cm, and that’s just for the heater motor curvature end bit. But not concerned at the moment and am cracking on with other jobs.


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