Preparing body for lift on

Underbody sealing. After general sanding of the underside wheel arches etc. I have finally applied the body underseal. I have used the 3M 2-pack product sealer code 3M-08800

I have used this product before and really like the way it goes on and stays on. It comes in a foil bag which has a sealed part for the catalyst which must be torn then agitated before applied with a special spray nozzle. It dries to a really nice finish which is slightly soft to touch but not the least bit tacky. it took 12 No. 250ml packs to complete.


I have fitted the doors, bonnet and boot lid all without too much drama. I did find the doors quite a task to get right with several small adjustments needed before everything works nicely. The slots on the hinge brackets appear to be too far forward so the bolts end up tight at the end of the slot, even then the door gap at the A post was too tight on both doors. Eventually I used some shims behind the fixed hinge mount in the A post pillar to move the whole assembly rearwards. It only needs a couple of mm and all was good. With the door seals in place the doors close with a pleasant thud.


I need to remember to cut the hole for the gear lever…. Not long now and the car will be ready to lift on the rolling chassis. Josh my son made me a few brackets today for the 4 post lift to hold the car body so I can do the body on/off trick singlehanded with the push of a button. cant wait to try it out over the next couple of days – the brackets work really well – they are lined with a thick neoprene and sit nicely into the wheel arch.20160901_150922

OK I know its unorthodox but it seems to work great – ill know better when I drop it on the chassis maybe tomorrow! Perhaps ill take the car off the top first so I can see a little better.


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