Body and wheels

The body is back home now fitted to a trestle for good working height. Ill start collecting the materials and equipment together to tackle the molding edges and flashlines etc.

The wheels have also been delivered, I went with the 18″ CHB wheels from Image ordered through GD. I’m very pleased with the rear wheel offset finding those E type rear axles has definitely been worth the effort. the dished look is just very right.

Image Wheels CHB

Tyres :  Michelin Super Sport:-

  •  275/40/18 rear
  • 245/40/18 front

Just trying the boot lid against the rear wheels to get a feel for the colour scheme. The plan is red wheel bands on the rims and some red accents on the car but all the metalwork including windscreen and roll bars in satin black – like the wheel finish.

So Thats Black Stripes on main background colour Ral715 with red accents

Original Plan was to have sidepipes but as time goes on I’m swaying towards no sidepipes Photoshopped out the side pipes and added some graphic. Ok this graphic looks OTT but may do something more subtle in place of the pipes?


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