Seem to have all the brake lines connected now… I had a moment of doubt, the brake line fitting kit I obtained (which includes the majority of the brake lines and T junctions), had the same flared ends at each end of the lines ( ie. a double flare).

This is a picture of the double flare (concave) on pipe end and in this circumstance I have no doubt it is correct since it is mating to a male (convex) fitting.  However, at its other end you can see it is going inside a T junction and the T junction is concave internally, therefore I might have expected this length of pipe to have a bubble flare (convex) on opposite end… hmmm curiously all the ends are double flares. DSC_0312.JPG

I wasn’t expecting that and pondered whether to follow this logic for the other connections I had to make myself ie. the ones going into the callipers. I did do a bit of google research on the subject and found some suggestion that double flares can be used in all circumstances (male and female counter ends) and may have better reliability when used in circumstances when the fitting is connected/disconnected repeatedly. (maybe a brake expert can chip in on this one because I’m still unsure).

In the end I decided to follow the same logic as the professionally supplied lines and double flare each end.


The Jag calliper support brackets I acquired are a little shabby, so my son made me some new ones in stainless steel. Good Job Josh ( I knew he’d come in useful one day….:)).

Handbrake Calipers
Well as much as I was pleased I didn’t have to strip the jag parts myself ( I acquired these from someone’s aborted build ) it does have the odd drawback, here’s one.
I sent the handbrake callipers off to Wards to be refurbished not really knowing some parts are missing.

Once I offered the handbrake cable up I realised the parts where missing some critical bits (the swivel block ends). I then tried to order the ends from Wards only to be told those parts are not available separately, and the ends should never be taken out…
Oh well not to worry – who needs a handbrake.





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